Highland Creek Elementary SGA

Highland Creek Elementary SGA

Academic Support

A Child’s Place works with students struggling with attendance, behavior and academics. A Child’s Place collaborates with teachers to ensure each student is improving and excelling in their education.  We provide school supplies, back packs and uniforms for each student.

Student Support

A Child’s Place program staff provide the following on an as-needed basis:
– weekly check-ins to discuss any situations or obstacles they are experiencing that may upset their school life or their emotional state

– daily/weekly snack bags to ensure that each child has something to eat when they leave school each afternoon

– medical/dental/vision referrals for students needing this attention

– New clothing or uniforms  as available

– tutors and mentors from the community upon request

**All of our students are guaranteed free breakfast and lunch at their respective schools; outside of school we cannot guarantee a meal for dinner.