“I always cared about my children’s education, but when we became homeless it was nearly impossible to keep education first because I did not know where we would lay our heads to sleep each night. With the help of A Child’s Place, we have stable housing so our lives are much better. We are so grateful to A Child’s Place.”  — Lisa, a devoted mom

Lisa is a single mother with three children who moved to North Carolina several years ago. She maintained steady employment and was motivated to improve her children’s lives for their future. Lisa valued education and her children, Leah, Grace, and Kameron worked very hard in school.

Lisa’s homeless crisis began after she was the victim of a devastating car accident where she sustained a serious spinal injury and her car was totaled. Lisa lost her job because she had no transportation and her severe injuries prevented her from working.

Unemployed and unable to pay the rent, the family was evicted from their home. They moved from motel to motel spending all the money Lisa had saved. Without any support, Lisa was forced to move in with her sister.

After the school was notified of their homeless crisis, A Child’s Place stepped in to support the family, providing food referrals, hygiene products and school supplies. Leah was provided a tutor for extra help with her reading and Kameron benefited from the encouragement of a lunch buddy.

Lisa received a referral for medical assistance and physical therapy, and was able to find a new job accommodating her injury. A Child’s Place helped the family secure supportive housing to get back on their feet again.

“Everything improved for us when we got a place to call home. The kids are doing better in school and enjoy participating in sports. I am also a full-time college student with a 4.0 GPA. I am able to do the things I like best now; being a mom and focusing on education for myself and my children!

Every day in our schools, A Child’s Place program teams make sure students like Leah, Grace, and Kameron, have school supplies, snacks and clean clothing.