As a recent transplant to Charlotte from Charlottesville, VA I hoped to find a way to become more actively
involved in my new community. Wanting to volunteer, I discovered that the mission and efforts of A Child’s Place aligned with my interests in working with children and families. A Child’s Place supports families experiencing homelessness, and recognizes the barriers students in unstable living situations face. I connected with their vision to empower students to achieve academic success and decided it was the right place for me to volunteer.

My invGirl Scouts Collageolvement with A Child’s Place began as a Holiday Central volunteer; I collaborated with other volunteers in organizing toy and clothing donations, which were distributed to children and their families for the holiday. It was rewarding to know that children would be receiving gifts to unwrap. I could only imagine the excitement that was in store for each child.

Recognizing the impact of A Child’s Place’s holiday programs inspired me to become more involved.  As a Student Support Volunteer, I tutor a student at a local elementary school each week with her math and reading assignments. Witnessing an increase in her confidence and self-motivation as it relates to her academics has been encouraging and energizing for me.

I have also assisted as a Program Support Volunteer, helping with outreach and special events. Most recently, I collaborated with the Volunteer Coordinator to develop an event for local Girl Scout Troops. We spent a weekend morning raising awareness around child homelessness, teaching the girls the meaning of having a home, and explaining how they can also support other children in our community currently experiencing homelessness. The Girl Scouts were engaged throughout the event, and excited to learn how they could make a difference.  It was gratifying to ignite their compassion to support and advocate for children experiencing homelessness.

Overall, my experiences thus far as a volunteer with A Child’s Place have been exceedingly rewarding. I know that hope and confidence are being instilled in the lives of the children served and that my contributions are making a difference in the lives of each student and their family.

You, too, can make a difference in the lives of children experiencing homelessness. A Child’s Place volunteers are essential to helping students experiencing homelessness value their education, develop a passion for learning, and use the power of education to change their lives. I strongly encourage you to consider one of the many volunteer opportunities available through A Child’s Place!

For more information about volunteering with A Child’s Place visit:

– Ami Camp, A Child’s Place Volunteer, 2015-2016

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