A Child’s Place not only works to ensure that client children are mentally prepared to learn, but physically prepared as well. We focus on providing supplies from four key areas to all client children: toiletries, uniforms/clothing, school supplies and snacks. All supplies distributed are generously donated by individuals, businesses, civic/faith groups, schools and others in our community. Currently, A Child’s Place is in need of the following items:

Family Needs
– Air Mattress (please include pump)
– Gift Cards: $30 to Walmart or Food Lion

Uniforms/Clothing (New)
– Girls khakis pants: Sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 (Also women’s and juniors sizes 00-16)
– Boys khakis pants: Sizes 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 (Also men’s sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38)
– Polo Shirts: ALL Sizes- (White, navy, red and black)
Sky Blue Polo shirts: Juniors M, L, XL; Men’s S, M L; Boys- L, XL
– Long-sleeved polo’s: White, navy, red and black

Student Rewards
– Movie Tickets/Passes ($15 gift card to Regal)
– Long Socks (Nike Preferred)
– Headphones (large style)
– NFL Gear (hats, teen sized sweatshirts)

– African American Hair Products (Brands include: Motions, Olive Oil, Creme of Nature)
– Children’s Toothpaste

Individually packed/single-size snacks: Grain: Crackers, Cereal/ Nutragrain Bar, Pretzels, Goldfish, Trail Mix, Animal Crackers. Drink: Juice, Capri Sun or Small Water. Fruit: Applesauce, Fruit Cup.

**Please refrain from including large bottled water, soda, chocolate milk, Hugs juice jugs and sports drinks. Please DO NOT include anything with Peanuts or Peanut Butter in them to protect kids with these allergies in schools. This includes items “made in a facility with nuts or peanuts.

Packed snack bags:  no snack bags are needed at this time.

Before coordinating a large donation drive, please contact us to ensure the anticipated need is still unfilled as we have limited storage space.

School Supplies:

School Supply Needs 2016-17 Total Needed Donated
Elementary School Book Bags 250 Fulfilled
Middle School Book Bags 250 Fulfilled
Binders -2 inch 100 Fulfilled
Binders- 3 inch 100 Fulfilled
Calculators – TI-84-TI-89 100 0
Colored Pencils 400 Fulfilled
Crayons 800 Fulfilled
Dividers 100 Fulfilled
Erasers 400 Fulfilled
Folders 800 100
Jumbo Crayons 100 Fulfilled
Jumbo Pencils 100 50
Markers (packs) 400 250
Spiral Notebooks – 3-5 Subject 250 Fulfilled
Pencils 1,000 boxes Fulfilled
Pencil Boxes 400 300
Pencil Sharpeners 600 400
Project Display Board (2-ply) 50 5
Scissors 600 Fulfilled
Wide-Ruled Paper 1,000 packages 700
USB (Flash) Drives 100 20
Hand Sanitizer 600 200
Tissues- mini 300 100
Binders -1 inch 500 100
Composition Books 1,000 Fulfilled
Calculators – Basic 100 Fulfilled
Glue Sticks 500 Fulfilled
Pens 400 200
Rulers 1,000 Fulfilled



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