With only a week before school starts A Child’s Place has less than half of the needed supplies to help homeless students start the school year off right. The most basic needs for schoolchildren are paper, pencils, notebooks and new uniforms for school. Even those simple items can be beyond the reach of homeless children.

A Child’s Place is Charlotte’s only nonprofit working to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. In order to help our clients prepare for the first day of class we need 2,100 book bags filled to the brim with school supplies by August 25th.

We need your help.

Our clients do not have a place they can call home or the comfort of their own room or bed but with the uniforms and school supplies they receive from A Child’s Place they get the chance to blend in with their schoolmates. If the supplies are not donated by the start of school our children will be the ones who suffer.

This year’s “critical needs” chart on the ACP website gives up to date information on the needed supplies, helping donors determine where the biggest gaps lie. As examples, we are short 547 middle and high school book bags, 1,169 pairs of scissors, 478 combination locks, and 5,505 boys and girls new uniform items sizes 4T- adult.

All donations should be delivered by Friday, August 20th. Donations may be made from 9 am- 4pm Monday through Friday at 601 East 5th Street, Suite 130, Charlotte, NC 28202.

All donated supplies will be stuffed and delivered to targeted schools during ACP’s First Annual Stuff-A-Thon on August 23 and 24th. Over 150 volunteers will be sorting, stuffing, packing, and delivering all 2100 book bags to nine select locations where they will be ready for our clients on their first day of school.

Please visit www.achildsplace.org to review our “Critical Needs for Back-to-School” and donate as soon as you can. All volunteer positions are full for ACP’s First Annual Stuff-A-Thon.

You can make a homeless child a little bit happier for their first day of school. This is the opportunity of a lifetime – both yours and a homeless child’s.

ACP Contact: Emily Arceneaux 704-343-3790

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