CHARLOTTE, N.C. – In the midst of the craziness of summers, wedding season, and moving (again), I’ve also been teaching a summer photo class through my role with Silent Images.

This year we are partnering with A Child’s Place and their summer camp program, teaching photography to around 50 homeless kids here in Charlotte. I’m thoroughly impressed with A Child’s Place and can’t say enough good things about them and what they’re doing. If you’re not familiar with them, be sure to check them out and get involved if/how you can!

These kids still light up my life. It’s an absolute honor and joy to get to spend my time with them, teaching them a little about the cameras, but more importantly, getting to love on them and hopefully instill some bigger life lessons through our time together. Plug: If you’re not involved in the lives of any children (or adults for that matter) who are in need, I highly recommend it. You may walk into it thinking you’ll have the chance to make a difference in their lives, but I can guarantee that you will be the changed … I know I have been.

My eyes are constantly opened and my heart filled with compassion and love for these amazing kiddos. While I can’t share all that I’d like to (including their adorable faces) because of the sensitivity of their situations, here are a few images that I can share to give you a glimpse into my time with them. I couldn’t resist capturing a few images while they were all out on “assignment” last week.

Almond Leaf Studios

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