CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Child’s Place, an non-profit organization that helps homeless students succeed in school, is running out of time to help every student.

The organization helps about 1,500 homeless students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system on the first day and throughout the school year.

Backpacks were donated to A Child’s Place and now they must be filled.

“Our kids’ job is to learn in school,” said A Child’s Place Executive Director, Annabelle Suddreth. “And how can you learn in school if you don’t have the necessary tools and supplies that you need to do the job?”

Donations including paper, pencils and crayons have been dropped off to the center, but Suddreth says more are needed. The student’s need for the supplies continues long into the school year.

As homeless children, the students already have enough to worry about. Suddreth said many of the clients worry about things like their next meal or where they will sleep at night.

“We just don’t need the kids to have any additional worries,” she said.

But what A Child’s Place does need is more donations.

To find out more about volunteering or to make a donation, go to the organization’s website at

Kate Gaier, News14 Carolina

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