CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The number of homeless children thought to be living in the Charlotte are is now over 6,000 and a non-profit agency called “A Child’s Place” is trying to help Santa make sure that as many of them as possible can have Christmas with their families.

A Child’s Place is funded by United Way and private contributions. So far they have distributed bags of Christmas cheer to some 2,100 homeless children and their parents. Each bag contains food, an article of clothing and a toy or two.

Being homeless is hard enough and being homeless at Christmas might be the worst says the group’s executive director Annabelle Suddreth.

“Everywhere you go there is talk about gifts and giving and they are afraid that they might not have that,” she explains.

It is costing A Child’s Place about $75 dollars for each bag. That is up from the $20 dollars it cost to provide food bags to homeless families for Thanksgiving.

“Without you guys my kids wouldn’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas,” said one client, who we will not name to protect his privacy.

He stopped in to say thanks and deliver trays of food he had made as a holiday gesture to the staff that had helped him.

“I don’t have a lot of money but I can cook,” he said. “I’m a real good cook and this is what I’ve got so I wanted to bring some back to you.”

Suddreth accepted the gift from the man and wished him well.

“I want to give back,” he said. “We receive, but we don’t always give back.”

Rad Berky, NewsChannel 36

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