CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte blogger, Angela Sage of Home Cooked Healthy is competing in the Aetna Healthy Recipe Contest and has picked A Child’s Place as one of the benefitting charities of the prize if she wins. 

This is an exciting opportunity to tell their story of fighting cancer and promote healthy eating to a huge audience.

Help her cook for good health by voting and sharing with friends and family so we can make more people aware of how important what we eat is to the ones we love.

The four Finalists will be competing before Iron Chef Bobby Flay and other VIP judges. The winner of the Final Cook-off will receive a grand prize of $10,000 worth of groceries.

If Angela wins she plans on donating the prize to these amazing charities:

Hope Cancer Ministries and A Child’s Place.

Voting takes place from 9/27/11 to 10/10/11. You can vote DAILY during this time period.

Each vote will be entered in a chance to win a set of Circulon gourmet cookware.

25% of the judging is based on YOUR vote so it’s very important to get the most votes possible.

Angela’s goal is 1,000 votes in by 10/10.

What can you do to help? First of all VOTE each day from now until 10/10. Then get out the vote by sharing this post on facebook, email, twitter and forwarding to all your friends. Or feel free to repost on your blog.

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS on how to vote:

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