CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Charlotte – Mecklenburg school (CMS) district Child Nutrition Services is still in full operation during the summer months.  Monday the program kicked off to feed thousands of disadvantaged CMS students.

Students will be able to get free breakfasts and lunches all summer long.  This is the first year the program is serving breakfast.

“We have found that children are very hungry by lunchtime,” CMS Child Nutrition Services  Assist ant Director Amy Harkey said.  “And noticed a lot of them did not come with breakfast on their stomach.”

The program is for students younger than 18 years old.  There are more than 100 sites located all across Mecklenburg county for students to get a free meal.

Students need no identification or need to register to qualify.  The federal government is funding this program.  It costs more than a million dollars to operate.

Administrators believe this meal program makes a difference in a students’ lives, especially those students who are homeless.

“These kids are actually able to find that security everyday,” A Child’s Place representative Patrick Sline said. “That structure everyday and get that extra jump that they need to stay ahead.”

Dedrick Russell, Reporter

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