Celebrate the Holidays and Help A Child’s Place Students and Families


1. Holiday Central Volunteer

We’re in need of additional Holiday Central volunteers! To ensure our students receive all of their gift items, we need your help! Our staff will need assistance with tasks such as accepting sponsor donations, sorting gift packages, organizing materials to send home with families, and preparing gifts for family pick-up. 
We invite you to volunteer as an individual or group to assist us with Holiday Central operations from December 7 to December 13. Each volunteer shift can hold up to 10 or 12 individuals and are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Holiday Central will occur at the A Child’s Place main office at 601 E. 5th Street, Suite 230.
Sign-up to Volunteer at Holiday Central here!  

2. Feed a Family

Provide a grocery store gift card for A Child’s Place families being sponsored by one of our community partners for the holidays. Suggested donation amount is $30 per family and can be made by bringing or mailing physical grocery store gift cards to our main office located at 601 E. 5th Street, Suite 230, Charlotte, NC 28202. Please mail or bring physical grocery store gift cards to our main office located by Friday, December 2nd, 2016.  

3. Holiday Sponsorship


Our Holiday Sponsorships are currently full.


4. Give Back Gift Shops

Host a shopping experience at one of our schools to give students a unique opportunity to experience the joys of giving by allowing them to select holiday gifts for their parents or caregivers. For this opportunity, your volunteer group will: 
1. Collect a variety of small gifts in a $5-$10 price range for parents.
2. Set-up the “shop” at one of our 15 partner CMS locations.
3. Take students through the shop to select gifts for their parents followed by gift wrapping and card making.

Have additional questions about our 2016 Holiday Programs? Contact Erika Harris at 704-943-9532 or eharris@achildsplace.org
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