CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Thanksgiving is right around the corner and while you plan your family meal, one local non-profit wants you to think of the hundreds of children who won’t have enough to eat.

“The need just keeps growing,” said Annabelle Suddreth, Executive Director of A Child’s Place in Uptown Charlotte.

The storage closets in her office are packed with food, school uniforms and supplies.

A Child’s Place makes sure homeless children get basic needs.

One is a backpack filled with food.

They eat at school, but don’t always get a meal when they leave.

“We have families who live in their cars.  We have families who live in the shelter,” said Suddreth. “We have a family of nine.  Mom, Dad and seven children are staying in one hotel room.”

“We’re not asking for iPods. We’re not asking for video games. We’re asking for food,” she said.

The desperate push now is for Thanksgiving.

Think about those five long days away from school when for many children this organization helps, a full meal is hard to come by.

“We have over 1100 children and their parents that we need to support. We’ve only gotten a little over 300 sponsors. It is absolutely for the kids. You know every kid looks forward to holidays and we want our kids to look forward to holidays as well and not add additional fear to them,” said Suddreth.

She’s asking for gift cards in the amount of $20.00 per family member.

She hopes to have most of the gift cards collected by Monday afternoon.

That will give staff at A Child’s Place time to get them to the families so they can shop and get ready for the Thanksgiving break.

If you’d like to help, check out

It’s estimated there are 3200 homeless children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools right now.

Suddreth says A Child’s Place is helping 1400 of them now and hopes to expand even more in coming years.

The non-profit is now partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank as well to make sure the students they help get enough to eat.

“To have the community help us fill this gap is a real need right now, “ Suddreth said.


BOBBY SISK / NewsChannel 36

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