Before planning your drive or volunteer activity, please review our Urgent Needs page to confirm our current most critical needs.

IMAG0069Organizations, Business, or Groups:

Host a Fundraiser – Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to ensure our students’ needs are met throughout the year. Successful ideas include “Pay to Wear Jeans on Fridays”, bake sales, sports tournaments, 5K’s, golf tournaments, raffles and auctions.


Upkeep our Resource Rooms – With the generous donations from the community, we often need to organize our resource rooms that hold the snacks, uniforms, toiletries and other items our students need. Groups of about 5-10 are invited to come help us out for a two hour block. Email Delana Murdock at to coordinate the best date/time and activity for your group.

Conduct a Donation Drive – Our children’s critical needs vary throughout the year depending on the season, the point in the school year and the generosity of the community.  Our staff and limited storage space can be overwhelmed when an unexpected overabundance arrives, even if it meets our client children’s basic needs (public school uniform items, snacks, toiletries and school supplies).

**Please check our URGENT NEEDS list for guidance.**

 A Child’s Place Target Wish List

A Child’s Place Walmart Wish List

Snack Bags – Drink: Juice, Capri Sun or Small Water, Fruit: Applesauce, Fruit Cup, Grain: Crackers, Cereal/ Nutragrain Bar, Pretzels, Goldfish, Trail Mix, Animal Crackers

**Please refrain from including large bottled water, soda, chocolate milk, Hugs juice jugs and sports drinks.

**Please DO NOT include anything with Peanuts or Peanut Butter in them to protect kids with these allergies in schools. This includes items “made in a facility with nuts or peanuts.”



Snack Deliverers: Deliver snacks to a designated school regularly (once/week, twice/month or once/month). Snack deliverers can pack snacks or pick up packed snacks from the office. THIS IS ONLY A NEED FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.

Office Volunteers: Assist us in our main office with answering phones, office projects and organizing resource rooms. We are also in need of assistance regularly at our front desk.

On-call Volunteers: Support special events, represent the agency at various functions or assist with other needs that arise throughout the year.

** A Child’s Place is always excited to begin new partnerships or try new ideas. Any volunteer opportunities that we can collaborate on will be of the greatest benefit for our children.