“Imagine if I didn’t take every little thing in my life for granted, how different life would be”

This inspiring statement was made by a 5th grader at one of ACP’s Homelessness Awareness Programs this year. This student goes to a school that is not filled with underprivileged youth and yet he still could understand the great fortune he had in his life.

Most of ACP’s client families are grateful for the little things. Many are thankful for being able to keep their family together amongst area shelters, providing food for the family, or a child with good grades being promoted to the next grade.

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It is the little things in life that A Child’s Place is supplying for our client families to make it through their housing transition. It is the little things in life that some of us may take for granted that our client families need the most: a new, clean uniform for school, socks and underwear, hygiene products, snacks, shoes and much more.

You can help provide the everyday items our families need through your donations. A Child’s Place is in need of new uniforms for our client children, gift cards to help purchase items for unique individual needs and monetary donations to provide vital social work services to the 4,711 homeless children in Charlotte.

It’s the little things in life that matter, how different would your life be without them?


A Child’s Place offers Homelessness Awareness Programs to community organizations as a way to raise awareness of the growing number of homeless children in Charlotte. If you are interested in having an ACP staff member speak to your staff or peers please contact our main office (704) 343-3790.

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