It’s hard for a child to focus in class when his stomach is grumbling.  A child out of uniform at a CMS school that requires them expects a reprimand by the teacher and teasing by his classmates.  Homelessness just makes being hungry and wearing inappropriate clothes that much worse.

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Little more than halfway through the school year, A Child’s Place (ACP) continues to see growing demand for our services to homeless children.  By December 31st, we’d already helped 500 more homeless children than in the same period last year.  At that rate, ACP social workers will assist more than 3,000 children this school year.

 Unfortunately, donations of some of the basic items our client kids need have not kept pace.  Despite generous donors’ faithful gifts, we are seeing routine shortages of snacks and public school uniform items.  Snack bags are handed out twice a week so ACP client children will have at least something to eat if there is no food where they’re staying that night.  The uniforms help our client children to blend in with their classmates, an emotional issue when their homelessness makes our kids feel different in so many other ways.

 With your help, we can eliminate these worries that keep our client children from paying attention in class!

 Click here to find details about requested snack items and uniform needs as well as delivery location and times.

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