The definition of an advocate is one who pleads for a cause. This month, take the time to reflect on the injustices that you are passionate about. How can you advocate for positive change in our world?

A Child’s Place works to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. Advocacy is one way A Child’s Place serves our client families. ACP is the voice for our client families and children about controversial issues that will affect their livelihood.

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It takes more than one voice to get people’s attention and create change. Without volunteers and supporters, A Child’s Place would not be as successful.  Our volunteers serve as a voice for A Child’s Place throughout the community, helping to raise awareness of the growing number of homeless children in Charlotte. They educate the public about the growing number of homeless children in Charlotte and show people how they can help make a difference. April 16th– 20th, 2012 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week. We want to thank everyone who helped A Child’s Place expand our reach and assist a greater number of homeless children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  Become an A Child’s Place volunteer by signing up on our website: .

On April 27th, ACP is joining the YWCA’s “Stand Against Racism”  and will pledge to help eliminate racism.   We encourage each of our friends to think of your own unique way to “stand” against racism and invite your friends, colleagues and family to “stand” with you. To learn more about the “Stand Against Racism” please visit: .

ACP’s number one priority is our client children. We work to ensure their health, happiness, and opportunities for the future. ACP participated in the community walk to raise awareness about the National Child Abuse Prevention Month this April. Are you passionate about ending child abuse in our nation? Raise your voice this month to advocate for more resources for the abused children and families in our community. Increase awareness by distributing information on how to report suspected child abuse or where abused children and families can receive help. To learn more about National Child Abuse Prevention Month please visit: .

In Charlotte we are lucky to have many nonprofits working together to fight for the rights of the underprivileged.  Second Harvest Food Bank is one nonprofit that is helping provide for the homeless and hungry in Charlotte. Second Harvest is a generous partner of A Child’s Place and has donated bags of food for our client families to use during the time the children are out of school for breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving and winter and Spring Breaks). In order to ensure our client families received the food donation we asked Covenant Presbyterian Church and ACP volunteers to deliver the bagged goods to the schools that we serve. Without the help of Second Harvest, Covenant Presbyterian and the volunteers that support us, our client families might have gone without food during these breaks.  To learn more about Second Harvest and how you can help fight hunger in our community, please visit: .

Advocacy, in the end, is not one voice but many voices working together for a common cause.

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