A Volunteer for Every Client Child

It’s that time again – the start of a new school year. Thanks to the community’s generosity, the client children of A Child’s Place are ready. They are clothed with new school uniforms. They are nourished with snacks. They are able to complete assignments with school supplies. They are healthy and clean using appropriate personal hygiene items. All these basic necessities were donated to A Child’s Place so our client children could start school with all the advantages needed to succeed academically, physically and mentally. Now, A Child’s Place has one more favor to ask.

A Child’s Place currently has 500 direct service volunteers who serve as breakfast/lunch buddies, tutors or classroom assistants. That is a phenomenal number, but A Child’s Place thinks we can do better. Our goal is to pair a direct service volunteer with every client homeless child. Last school year, A Child’s Place provided social work services to 2,656 homeless children in Mecklenburg County. The agency expects to serve at least 2,600 (if not more) homeless children in 2013-2014. So, if those numbers stay consistent, it means we are short roughly 2,100 volunteers. That is where you come in.

If you are not already a direct service volunteer, please consider serving as a breakfast/lunch buddy, tutor or classroom assistant. The time commitment is only one hour each week. And with A Child’s Place in more than 30 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ sites, there is bound to be a school close to your home or place of employment. You choose the day (Monday through Friday), the time (during school hours) and the school (elementary or middle). A Child’s Place pairs you with a client child and provides all the tools needed so you can make the most impact.

Volunteers are one of the most stable components in our client children’s lives other than school. Volunteers help client children with homework, test preparation, studying and more.  Some volunteers enjoy playing games and reading books with the client children. Others just like talking to the children about things they have in common, whether it’s a favorite musician, athlete or movie. No matter what your preference, your child will look forward to seeing you each week. That one hour is minimal compared to the return you experience from the children. That is what we hear from volunteers again and again.  (Read their testimony for yourself in the Volunteer Spotlight).

For those who already volunteer, A Child’s Place thanks you. Please tell your family, friends, neighbors and workplace associates about A Child’s Place.  Share the different ways they can volunteer. Make sure they know how volunteering has been a blessing to you and to a homeless child. Explain how far your client child has come academically and socially since you started working with him or her. By telling your story, you may inspire someone else to start their own chapter as a volunteer with A Child’s Place.

To learn more about volunteering with A Child’s Place, contact Emily Ransone at 704-943-9532 or eransone@achildsplace.org.

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