A Child’s Place set the bar high for A Swine Evening on June 1, 2013. We wanted to raise at least $200,000. We felt this was an ambitious goal, but one that was not completely out of reach, since last year’s event brought in $195,000. Well, as things turned out, A Child’s Place did not meet its goal for A Swine Evening this year. Instead, we surpassed it! A Swine Evening brought home the bacon for A Child’s Place, generating more than $255,000 to help homeless children in Charlotte.

The theme color of a smoldering hot pink was evident throughout the night from special event lighting to the specialty drinks served from four stations at the Charlotte Renaissance Suites Hotel. More than 400 people were in attendance, and many were quick to bid on piggy banks and packages, using handheld BidPal devices to keep an eye on bidding as dollar amounts rose higher and higher. Competition got fierce during the live auction, often pitting determined bidders against each other in extended bouts of generosity. A piggy bank signed by the legendary Ringo Starr truly became the star of the evening when the entire house rose to its feet to applaud a winning bid of $25,000.

The staff of A Child’s Place was simply blown away by the generosity of our community. We are so grateful to every person who helped make A Swine Evening such a big success this year. To all who stepped up as a sponsor, purchased a ticket, or bid on a pig; to donors who contributed to packages, local leaders and national celebrities who signed piggy banks, and to the staff and volunteers of A Child’s Place that spent months organizing and planning; to emcees Natalie Pasquarella and Blair Miller and auctioneer Larry Sprinkle, who kept the crowd entertained and the bidding constant; to artists at MegArt who decorate piggy banks with a creative touch; we thank you all from the bottom of our heart for making this year’s A Swine Evening our most successful fundraising event ever!

Although A Swine Evening is now over for another year, we would like to remind you of ways you can help us with next year’s event. Tell everyone you know about all the fun you had at A Swine Evening. Don’t forget to include how your efforts helped homeless client children in Charlotte. Highlight your favorite part of the evening. Maybe even share the story of something you bid on or came close to winning. That conversation may lead to a “pignature” on a piggy bank, a package donation, a sponsorship or ticket sales for A Swine Evening 2014.

We hope you are looking forward to A Swine Evening 2014 as much as we are. Once again, thank you from all of us at A Child’s Place for thinking of our client homeless children and making their futures a little bit brighter.

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