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A Night of 4,000 Dreams – Thank you!

21 Mar 2018 by advocate in categories Home Page Articles, News, News Stories

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday May 19, 2018 for A Night of 4,000 Dreams where we celebrated the work of A Child’s Place, the families we serve, and our generous community of loyal supporters. Due to your generosity, we were able to raise over $250,000 to support the mission of A Child’s Place. […]

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Host A Fundraiser Toolkit

24 Feb 2015 by advocate in categories Home Page Articles, News, News Stories

Though A Swine Evening is the only fundraising event hosted by A Child’s Place, we are always excited to help promote events organized by outside individuals and groups on our behalf. Dozens of events occur throughout the year including sports tournaments, bake sales, fashion shows, raffles and auctions.

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CIAA Tournament Party With a Purpose Returns to Benefit A Child’s Place

23 Feb 2015 by advocate in categories Home Page Articles, News, News Stories

For the second year, A Child’s Place will be the beneficiary of Charlotte’s premier Party with a Purpose on February 27 during the CIAA tournament.  The event will be held at BLT Steak in uptown’s Ritz-Carlton.  The soiree is being organized by former A Child’s Place Board member Natalie Brown and her husband Rudy along with […]

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3 Ways to Give to ACP This Holiday Season

02 Dec 2014 by advocate in categories Home Page Articles, News, News Stories, Uncategorized

This holiday season gives us a sense of community and it’s no different for us here in Charlotte.  Thank you for thinking of our students as you consider giving this holiday season.  A Child’s Place received great support for our Family Holiday Sponsorship program, Holiday Central volunteers and donations drives this fall. Our children and their families have great […]

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Thanksgiving Sponsorships Needed for Clients

02 Oct 2013 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

Thanksgiving is usually a time for friends and family to gather around the table, feast on a hearty meal and share childhood stories. Afterwards, they wrap up the leftovers and store everything in the refrigerator. Most families are nibbling on turkey-inspired sandwiches, casseroles and soups for days. For the client homeless families of A Child’s Place, there is no money to purchase a Thanksgiving meal. There is no way to store or refrigerate food. The families may feel there is no reason to give thanks. That is why Thanksgiving sponsorship is so important.

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A Volunteer for Every Client Child

04 Sep 2013 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

It’s that time again – the start of a new school year. Thanks to the community’s generosity, the client children of A Child’s Place are ready. They are clothed with new school uniforms. They are nourished with snacks. They are able to complete assignments with school supplies. They are healthy and clean using appropriate personal hygiene items. All these basic necessities were donated to A Child’s Place so our client children could start school with all the advantages needed to succeed academically, physically and mentally. Now, A Child’s Place has one more favor to ask.

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School supplies needed for client children

05 Jul 2013 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

We want our client homeless children to have a memorable first day of school, and we need your help to make that happen. A Child’s Place needs donations – and lots of them – of school supplies and public school uniforms, preferably by Friday, August 9. Click the read more below to view our detailed chart of needed items. For many of our client children, homelessness is their best kept secret. Please help us help them keep that secret by donating any of the school supplies noted on our chart.

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A Swine Evening brings home the bacon!

07 Jun 2013 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

A Child’s Place set the bar high for A Swine Evening on June 1, 2013. We wanted to raise at least $200,000. We felt this was an ambitious goal, but one that was not completely out of reach, since last year’s event brought in $195,000. Well, as things turned out, A Child’s Place did not meet its goal for A Swine Evening this year. Instead, we surpassed it! A Swine Evening brought home the bacon for A Child’s Place, generating more than $255,000 to help homeless children in Charlotte.

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Volunteers needed to help with My Place

07 May 2013 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

A Child’s Place is pleased to announce that the 6th Annual A Swine Evening will be held at 7 p.m. June 1 at Renaissance Charlotte Suite Hotel. Please check often. All the piggy banks are posted and we’ll be adding package descriptions soon!

The American Camp Association (ACA) estimates that 10 million children participate in a camp each year. Of those millions of children, 160 homeless children will attend A Child’s Place My Place Summer Day Camp, the only local academic enrichment camp built specifically for homeless children. ACA created a Top 10 list of reasons why summer camp is important for children. Among those reasons are: increased physical activity, connecting with nature, forming friendships with peers and adults and reducing summer learning loss. Those reasons are also what draw our volunteers to My Place too.

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Be a voice for change

18 Apr 2012 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

The definition of an advocate is one who pleads for a cause. This month, take the time to reflect on the injustices that you are passionate about. How can you advocate for positive change in our world? A Child’s Place works to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. Advocacy is one […]

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Help ACP kids with snacks and public school uniforms!

09 Feb 2012 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

It’s hard for a child to focus in class when his stomach is grumbling.  A child out of uniform at a CMS school that requires them expects a reprimand by the teacher and teasing by his classmates.  Homelessness just makes being hungry and wearing inappropriate clothes that much worse. {readmorelink} Read More >> {/readmorelink} Little […]

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How different life could be…

09 Feb 2012 by advocate in category Home Page Articles

“Imagine if I didn’t take every little thing in my life for granted, how different life would be” This inspiring statement was made by a 5th grader at one of ACP’s Homelessness Awareness Programs this year. This student goes to a school that is not filled with underprivileged youth and yet he still could understand […]

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